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Staying Safe On a Skiing Holiday

Author: Lisa Jeeves
by Lisa Jeeves
Posted: Jan 19, 2014

If you're planning on spending your holidays in one of the top class winter resorts, you're probably understandably excited! You may be looking forward to perfecting your parallel turns or practising new tricks in the ski parks, and you might even be planning on staying at one of the luxury winter chalets and partying the night away at the Alpine ski bars. However, it's wise to follow the safety tips outlined in this article if you are to avoid having to claim on your holiday cover (you do have that, right?) on your winter break.

Respect the Rules

It is worth pointing out that the International Ski Federation has established clear rules regarding behaviour on the slopes. They expect skiers to realise their limits and maintain reasonable speeds at all times. It is also important to grant priority to those skiers and snowboarders who are ahead of you on the slopes. Another important point to note is that winter sports enthusiasts who fail to abide by the rules may not be able to make claims under the terms of their holiday cover.

Minimising the Risk Of Collisions

It is very important for skiers to remain fully focussed while navigating the slopes. There is also an expectation that people will make necessary adjustments in relation to the weather conditions. If the visibility were particularly poor, it would be sensible to slow down. If the runs are packed, skiers should resist the temptation of performing potentially dangerous tricks. It will be necessary to ascertain the position of other skiers and snowboarders before commencing your own run. Again, it's worth mentioning that providers of holiday cover may refuse to compensate skiers who act irresponsibly.

Check Your Bindings

Frequent skiers may not be surprised to discover that a considerable proportion of leg and ankle injuries occur as a consequence of people's failure to bind ski boots properly. The appropriate bindings will depend upon the age, ability and weight of the skiers. The winter sports shop owners may be able to provide assistance, however it is worth remembering that issues are sometimes identified while skiers are out on the slopes. Skiers may even have to stop and change their boots in order to minimise the risk of injuries.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Travellers from America and the UK may be surprised by the extreme cold in some of the popular skiing areas. The resorts may even remain when open when the temperatures drop below -20 degrees centigrade. It is essential for skiers and snowboarders to wrap up in specially designed winter clothes in preparation for encountering such extreme cold. Helmets should also be worn for increased protection during winter sports activities. It may even be worth asking your chosen provider of holiday cover about any other precautions that should be taken.

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